Car rental in Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias, or better known as “walled city”, is the capital of the department of Bolivar, which was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It has approximately 20 kilometers of beach, starting from Boquilla, passing through Crespo, El Cabrero, Boca Grande, Marbella, Laguito and Castillo Grande.

It was founded in the 16th century and during the Spanish colonial period, the walled city was and has been one of the most important ports in Latin America. From this time the value of its artistic and cultural heritage originated. On November 11, 1811, Cartagena proclaimed itself totally independent of Spain; for which, that day is a national holiday in Colombia and in the city is celebrated during four the “Fiestas de Independencia”; Being the car rental in Cartagena the ideal business in this time.

In addition, Cartagena has been a city mainly linked with the pirate history, since that was where there were several attacks by the pirates coming from Europe; Who discovered in the city a suitable place to loot in the colonial period, what turned it in its moment, in the most protected city of South America and the Caribbean; Hence its name, and its historical wealth.

In addition, this beautiful city has a humid tropical climate, and a temperature of about 29 ° C. Cartagena is not only characterized by having an ideal climate for business trips and family; But also has beautiful landscapes and diverse historical sites of the colonial era, which makes it one of the favorite places for different national and international tourists.

For this same reason, tourism in this place has been the key point for its development. This is due to the fact that, in recent years, this economic sector has been increasing, since only last year, 232,015 international tourists arrived in the walled city, and 1,746,469 were nationals. In addition, it is important to highlight that this year, the splendid city won the Oscar of Tourism, which is awarded through voting of tourists, and tourism businessmen of the world.

On the other hand, the internal commerce in the city, is one of its great attractions and main economic activity, since the evolution in the same has made possible an important development in the production, in the labor market; As well as in the construction of different establishments for this sector; Thus enabling national and international entrepreneurs to invest time and money in profitable businesses.

Therefore, car rental in Cartagena is the ideal choice for national and international travelers who want to visit the city in detail. Since, this service is affordable and accessible for all those who want to travel whether for business or leisure, and enjoy a pleasant walk without any inconvenience; Also provides benefits such as: freedom to plan the trip, according to the times and routes desired; An autonomous and agile mobility, saving money and time, and finally absolute comfort.

In recent times, this business has grown considerably, due to the increase in tourism in the city, since the economic growth, its attractive history, its magnificent architecture, and the many pleasant places to see and / or visit; attract more and more travelers. Therefore, car rental in Cartagena is the ideal and optimal alternative for all those who do not own their own car, or for different reasons cannot make use of this one.

So, if you are interested in traveling, whether for business matters, or a family trip; Do not hesitate to rely on Advisor Rental Cars, to enjoy a safe, comfortable, pleasant journey; Where you can plan your trip (schedules, routes, distances) to your liking and accommodation; And at the same time spend a pleasant and unique time with your friends and family.

Next, mention will be made of some of the places that you can visit on your journey, with your rental car from Advisor Rental Cars. These are:

  1. Convents and Churches:

Convent of the Popa, San Pedro Claver Church, The Cathedral, Santo Domingo Church, Churches of Santo Toribio, San Roque Church and “Ermita del Cabrero”.

  1. Forts, Museums, Palaces:

San Felipe castle, The Wall, Inquisition Palace, Museum of Modern Art, Pedro Heredia Theater, Naval Museum, Gold Museum, Statue India Catalina, Pegasus Pier, Fort of San Sebastián, Fort of San Bernardo and Fort of San Jose

  1. Houses:

House of Valdehoyos, Royal House Prize, Rafael Nunez’s house and House of Simon Bolivar

  1. Places and Parks:

Clock tower, Bolivar Park, Plaza de la Aduana, Cars Square, Centennial Park, Proclamation Square, Park Fernandez Madrid, Parade ground and The Old Boots

  1. Other places:

The vaults, Circus Theater, Camellón of the Martyrs and Convention Center

Without no doubt, Advisor Rental Cars, is the ideal company to offer you the best service at a fair price. For this reason, if you are in the city of Cartagena, or you want for different reasons to travel and walk in the Walled City, do not hesitate to get the best car hire in Cartagena. Please ask for more information about our car rental and enjoy the best rental service in Colombia. You can find our number in the web site and find an email too.

Remember that we are you best option for travel safety and comfortable in a car that have everything that you need to make your travel experience so much better. This beautiful city are expecting you to discover the most exciting place to travel and find new experiences that make you fall in love of Colombia and of course, of Cartagena.

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