Car rental in coffee country.

Colombia is a country that has a geographic richness incomparable with the other countries of the region. This natural beauty makes it possesses all the thermal floors: glacial, paramo, cold, temperate and warm. For this same reason, biodiversity abounds, finding a great variety of flora and fauna in each one of its 5 regions. That is why car rental is ideal for travel, such as vacation, family, business or express plan, as well as to make short journeys where it is possible to enjoy the beauty offered by the coffee nation.

The coffee country as Colombia is best known, enamored and fascinates its national and international travelers, since it offers a natural, racial, historical, cultural and architectural beauty that is not found elsewhere on the planet. In addition, the simplicity, friendliness, warmth and passion of Colombians are unique qualities that tourists can find in every town, municipality, city and department of the nation.

On the other hand, it has a privileged and strategic geographical location in the heart of the American continent, since it is in the equator, allowing Colombia to become the gateway to South America.

Therefore, the country is a paradise of 365 days, which are accompanied by a wonderful tropical climate and varied, where there are no seasons, but a broad contrast and biodiversity that enchants any person. Being the ideal car rental for those who want to know that beautiful country but who do not have a means of transport of their own, comfortable and safe.

In addition, the hotel offers spacious and luxurious hotels, as well as comfortable and simple accommodations, where you can find luxurious and modern accommodations, typical haciendas amidst extensive coffee plantations, surrounded by beautiful nature; Tourist inns in the middle of nature reserves, cabins amidst unforgettable landscapes.

 The coffee country has been used for more than 30 years as a venue for events, having a great and wide experience for this; Since it has the infrastructure, the platform and the professional, work and business atmosphere, that only the events carried out in Colombia succeed. This is why large and important associations, as well as companies in the corporate market, have chosen Colombia as the venue for their business meetings.

That is why, month after month, in its different convention centers are held specialized events for it, being Corferias the most important, since it is located in the country’s capital. That is why, car rental, becomes ideal for those entrepreneurs as traders who do not have a safe, convenient and practical means of transport to attend these meetings.

Colombia, is one of the countries with the highest natural biodiversity, since it has 1865 bird species, as well as 45 thousand and 55 thousand species of flora, especially endemic. In addition, it has 56 million hectares of savannahs throughout the territory, as well as arid zones, wetlands, and some peaks of snowfall, standing out in the latter the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

As a result, Colombia has 20% of bird species in the world, 17% of amphibians, 8% of fish, 8% of reptiles; 16% of daytime butterflies, and 10% of mammals. In addition, during the months of June and November, year after year, the country becomes a host of humpback whales and sea turtles that seek to reproduce, arriving along the migratory route of the South Pole, reaching the Pacific coast.

The country offers a great offer of holidays and festivities, which allow to position it as the ideal destination for entertainment and enjoyment of tourists. These cultural manifestations are recognized nationally and internationally for their cultural and historical richness; among which are: The fair of flowers of Medellín, the carnival of Barranquilla, the carnival of Whites and blacks, the Ibero-American Festival of Theater of Bogota, the Fair of Manizales, among others. Therefore, if you want to enjoy these celebrations, car rental allows you to do so without any inconvenience.

Also extreme sports lovers can enjoy them, since the Andes 3 ridge sets an excellent stage for walking trails, or climbing in its wonderful mountains. While for nautical sports are the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Coast, the rivers, lakes and reservoirs found in each of the regions of the country; being the ideal places to practice lightning, surfing, fishing, rafting and regattas.

Colombia owns the coffee triangle, which is composed of a 100% coffee region, comprising the departments of Quindio, Risaralda and Caldas. Being possible to find a great tourist offer based on the coffee traditions, and in the conservation of the landscapes and the nature there present. That is why, whoever visits this beautiful area, has the privilege of staying in amazing haciendas, and be part of the process of production of the grain, for the production of coffee.

That’s why Advisor Rental Cars, offers the best car rental in the coffee country, so that all those who wish to travel for rest, business or business; And who do not have their own vehicle, can travel in a car with all the guarantees of safety, comfort and excellent service without any problem.

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