Why rent a car is your better option to travel.

People who enjoy traveling in their free time, always look for the best options to carry out new adventures that reach the destinations that little they know that they have visited previously but in which they have something new to discover. Usually we always rent a car, as we finish the best transportation option for your trip.

This is more than logical, if we take into account that the cost of national public transport is sometimes very high, without considering that many times they charge more than an excuse for the excessive value of tolls. However, in Advisor Car Rental we do not want the sea to be an impediment for you to visit and know the national destinations that most attract your attention.

For this reason, we have one of the best car rental services in the country covering different cities such as Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin, Bogotá, Cartagena, Pereira, among many others so that, near you. Do not think so much and notice these reasons that we give not miss wonderful opportunities, for the poor service of the tour operators in the country.

For example, if you want to go to Cartagena but you want to have an option to mobilize in the city and to nearby territories, you can do it through our service. Once there is a bit of tourist attractions that you cannot miss as the old shoes, India Catalina, obviously El Castillo de San Felipe and a real jewel of tourism in Colombia.

Although it cannot reached by car, this means of transport can get closer to this destination. In the car you can reach the pier Pegasos perfectly and take a boat that leads to our suggested destination, a small piece of land surrounded by the sea, which although it resembles the same paradise, we could say that it surpasses all the imaginary of the same

Isla Múcura is only two hours by boat from the walled city and is one of the most exclusive destinations in the country. Nevertheless, when we refer to “exclusive” we do not want you to think of “exclusive” because here you can enter whomever you want, no matter where you come from. This distinction made, as it is a destination to which few travel, as it is not very well known. Your booking has become an exclusive place for rest and enjoyment of your holidays.

It has different tourist attractions, but ecological, so it is necessary to take into account that this island is part of a natural reserve within the National Park of the Corals of the Rosary and therefore, all its preservation is the priority. You can do activities like Kayak, Diving, Trekking, among others, as well as taking a bike ride around the island.

This is a great choice for both family travel and a couple getaways. But if you want another vacation destination and where you can also find the rental car with Advisor Rental Cars. Medellin is another great option. In the city of eternal spring already known its main tourist attractions, such as the Metro, which is a marvel of contemporary transport and of course the Plaza de Botero, The Museum of Modern Art and other centers of popular culture.

What few know is that short distances that you can travel by car and without problem, are truly beautiful places that offer ecological activities for adults and children that you can take advantage of very well on your next trip.

Caves like La Gruta are part of these natural wonders that the department offers us. It is located to the north of Antioquia in the municipality of Sonsón more exactly. Your arrival is easily accessible, as you can arrive by car until you enter, so rent a car can be a more than right choice. During the tour you will see the streams of crystal clear water that pass through it, as well as natural deposits of limestone and marble and a colony of guacharos both at the entrance and at the exit.

Another cave that you can know and arrive by car without problem is the Grotto of the Condor. This is located between the Medellín-Bogotá highways, in Las Delicias, a sidewalk near the city of eternal spring. This grotto has a monumental entrance and has a crystalline ravine that runs from start to finish. It offers visitors multiple exploration options and has the quality of being one of the most visited by tourists.

If it is a question of Colombia’s wonders, we could continue talking about the wonderful destinations that it offers this article and we would become more a chronicle or a manual for travelers, than an article in itself. That is why we invite you to investigate and tour our country from end to end, trip to Barranquilla and discover what “curramba la bella” you can offer. Visit Pereira, a city with so many things to offer you that we are sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Whichever destination you choose, Advisor Rental Cars will be there to accompany you with its rent a car service. To discover that other cities have our service we invite you to browse our website and make your reservation when you need it.

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