Best advices before you rent a car.

There is no denying that some places to be travel are much better if you rent a car. Every day more people see in their travels the possibility of having a car as the great option and is that even in the world of travelers there is much talk about the “roadtrips” who are those people for whom driving a car is the main attraction.

Knowing the roads, traveling at your pace, being able to stop at places that are consider cute or important is the goal of this type of travelers. However, for this type of travelers, who carry everything in their backpack to enjoy new experiences, the only thing they will not be able to carry with them will be the car. Therefore, the possibility of a car rental takes greater strength every day.

In the market Advisor Rental Cars is one of the companies that offers the service so that people who are accustomed to being “roadtrips” can trust their trip in our platform, in our company. The good service we have, the web platform and ease of booking that we offer our customers to rent a car, are just some of the reasons why our customers always choose us on their various trips.

However, there is another additional issue and is that we are selected because we have variety of cars that can be consulted through our page.

One of the variables in which the “roadtrips” think a lot is to be able to travel, to know, to enjoy many places but to ensure that the money they have projected will reach them for the whole journey. Therefore, here are some tips not only for this frequent question that travelers make, but to be able to plan in the best way your stay and for the way you have dreamed it.

  1. It is much better if you book online. Do not wait to get to the country or the city where you plan to be in order to rent it at the airport or to look for it in a company. Booking online ensures a better price and guaranteed availability of the vehicle and you do not have to be aware of additional costs.
  2. Do not forget to ask for additional insurance. Ask if your credit card includes rent a car insurance and whether it works or is in effect. Otherwise do not forget to acquire it; this will be very useful for when you move around the various roads and in case of any eventuality will be able to function perfectly.
  3. Keep in mind the budget for fuel: first, you must provide the money to be able to tank the car so that it reaches you for your journeys. Second, constantly check the tank so that you do not go to take unforeseen with the subject of gasoline. Also, ask about any policy that the provider may have in front of the car you are going to take for rent and the subject of gasoline.
  4. Remember to do a survey in the market. For example, in our web platform you will be able to compare prices of different Renters, with the best attention and the most affordable prices. Do not just stand with a version and investigate so that you can also carry out some kind of savings. However, do not think that the cheaper can be better, the other way around, it could be that cheap is expensive and want to go to a company that offers “the same” but “cheaper” you end up spending much more money than expected.
  5. Plan your trip very well. Think about what places you want to go, look at how much gas costs the country you travel. How many tolls are there and what values and in that way you will see how much money you will spend Vs. The one you will save. In addition, this calculation will help you to realize how many days you must take in renting the car.
  6. Ask the person who gives you everything you need to know. Do not worry if you feel “very questionable” it is better to sin excessively, because finally you must know everything about it to ensure an excellent trip. Read carefully any contract you are going to sign, including the small print of the document. Ask for dates, times, places of reception and / or delivery of the car, if it is tanked, if you must return it tanked and washed, anyway, everything You create is going to help you to be calm and to make of your routes the best.
  7. Although it seems obvious, check very well the characteristics of each car you can find on our page so that the decision you make is the one best. Look what features it has, whether it has a trunk or not and if it is spacious, if it has air conditioning, electric windows. What’s more, check it out even if it is in the color you want, as all these items will make your trip develop as you expect.

We are sure that if you review all the points that we have exposed before, you will have a trip that you will not forget. You can continue being that “roadtrip” that you like to be and enjoy in the case of Colombia of an infinity of landscapes. So do not hesitate to consult our website to have the pleasure of serving you and thus make you rent a car the best option.

If, on the other hand, you are already part of our clients and have any additional doubts you can solve, you can write to to have the pleasure to help you and work together for a trip full, safe and full o

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